K Box Karaoke wins everyones’s heart; we made more and more people sing while bringing melodies into every breath.

Over 7 years of careful cultivation and sophisticated craftsmanship with operation standards and procedures and development strategies; today, K Box Karaoke is a strong brand envied by many around because we started from zero.

The first K BOX KARAOKE was established in 11 July 2004 humbly in the third floor of Ipoh Parade, Ipoh, the largest shopping mall in the heart of the city. K Box Karaoke is the only family karaoke dare to built within a shopping mall in Perak. Its young, stylish ambience and atate-of the-art interior décor will definitely appeal to avid karaoke enthusiasts. Attracting millions of karaoke fans of all ages around the region. The karaoke boost the overall visitors and shoppers of the shopping mall and attracting more and more tenants to join in at the opposite outlet and shoplot. After an expansion in 2006, the karaoke became even larger to accommodate high customer rate.

The second K Box Karaoke namely K Box Karaoke Embassy was officially opened on December 2008 in Jusco Kinta City Ipoh, which is just few kilometers from our first outlet. With a total of 42 rooms featuring four special themes namely The Embassy Zone, Environmental Protection Zone, Ministry of Life Colours and Cross Colour Puzzle Zone. It was simply the new level in karaoke luxuries making the entertainment zone of Jusco Kinta City a complete excitement for all ages. K Box Karaoke Embassy once again wins the shoppers’ and the customers’ heart with its healthy family orientated marketing strategies. Wonderful environment for colleagues’ gathering, birthday party, corporate buffet and singsation party, family gathering etc.

Breaking the boundaries, we step out even further to East Malaysia, the third outlet was then opened in October 2009 at Kuching’s largest shopping mall, The Spring; making it the largest family karaoke in East Malaysia. It was a huge investment and within a year, we marked a strong market position and thus conquering the city with healthy karaoke entertainment initiatives. We once again changed the perception of the community in regards trendy way to enjoy karaoke. We are exceptionally well accepted by teenagers; welcome by parents and basically every body.

All of our karaoke rooms are equipped to provided superior comfort and a sophisticated computerized karaoke system. Guests can expect fantastic audio and visual systems – BMB equipment, the best name in karaoke systems; LCDs, and a 8-ft projectors (for VIP rooms). Also, expect 4 microphones instead of the usual three in all of our rooms. And don’t worry about not having your favourite songs here. That’s not a problem as our comprehensive database contains Chinese, English, Malay, Korean and Japanese songs. It is also regularly updated to cater to those who especially enjoy singing the latest hit songs.

K Box Karaoke has an ambition to bring more music to the air while contributing a wonderful environment for more and more people or family to come along and have fun spending quality time together. MUSIC BRINGS LOVE!

Malaysia First

We are the country first franchiseable family karaoke. Undergo an intensive structuring of operation standards and procedures, with the comprehensive marketing strategies; we successfully approved by the government of Malaysia to be the first ever family karaoke readied to received franchisee since 2009.